Sunday, January 8, 2017

He was never her

He was many things,
but hers he was not.
She kept chasing him,
nothing she ever got.

If only she knew
that love can only get so much;
a half-hearted kiss,
maybe a stolen touch!

He was someone else,
not the rest for her soul so tired.
It took a broken heart to know,
it was an idea that she desired.

Love doesn't come that way,
you can't change someone. 
The one who belongs with you
will already be the perfect one!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Are you happy, now?

In her thoughts, they were still together, and would probably always be.
She was following him all the time in her he ate, slept, watched TV.
There was no running away from him; his presence was a haunting 'memory'.
She was alone and he was making her lonely.
She knew he never belonged to him, but his casual meetings were enough for her to weave the fantasies.
After all, they had one big common interest - Love for him!
And she was more than happy to do anything to make him happy.
Making him happy had become the reason of her living - it made her happy.
Maybe she thought she would become indispensable by making sure he is happy with her.
Forgetting the primal rule of the cruel world - no one is indispensable; definitely not her to him.
He is gone now.
Officially announcing the right to someone else to make him happy.
She is miserable, not because he never loved her.
Because she had been fooling herself thinking 'she' made him happy.
Wasted years of her life and herself over an illusion.
Love was too much of a thing; she never expected that you know!
All she wanted to do is make him happy.
And her biggest fear now is to bump into a place where he is happy.
The irony of life - her joy is her bane - was always!
Her only scare in life is to find out how happy he is!
Her only scar in life is that- happy he is!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The CRASHing of the heart-drive!

Break ups are never easy. The only positive thing about it is the word "UP" when actually your whole world comes crumbling down. They say with new times and modern technology, there is a lot you can do to distract yourself. But the irony is that most of  the time, you are distracted tracing the digital footprints of your once beloved EX. You are wondering what DP they post on their watsapp profile. When were they last seen chatting?Are they posting happy statuses on Facebook? Are they retweeting funny messages with an LOL?Have they deleted your instagram pictures and cropped you from your couple images?Have they started tagging someone else on their pictures?Are they as upset as you - which can be guesses by the kind of sad heart-break quotes they are sharing on their wall?

Wasn't a heart break much less haunting when all you had to do is stop calling them over the phone and you were done. You would have no clue what is going on with their lives and you could move on so much more peacefully giving time for your wounds to heal.

As we go digital, have we brought upon more pain than joy on us?

Will the virus of a break-up ever leave us alone or keep spamming our lives till we see another update on their wall that says - In a relationship!?

Monday, June 25, 2012

To feel how I feel

It is so difficult to make someone else see what you see. Make them feel what you feel. Perhaps it is almost impossible. I dont think anyone or anything but movies can do that. people weep on the death of the lovers, they feel sorry when they suffer from the pangs of sepration, they cry in their pain; and you know why that happens? because in a movie, they see the entire life of the character. They become one with the character and live their life for those 2 hours. Hence that pain reaches their heart. I wish i were a movie character too, that way i would have 2 hours of your undivided attention and you would know what exactly i am going through. you would feel the pain i feel, cry the tears that come in my eyes. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

If this is not love...what is?

Some show their love with flowers
Some claim their love by screaming on towers

Some bring gifts and some take you to eat
Some write poems and love letters sweet

You did nothing of it and it made me wonder
Whether you love me, or I am a girl just another

But after the years that have passed between us
I sit back to think and my spirit cheers

I realise that each one loves differently
It's me who didn't realize, so foolishly

You don't bring flowers, gifts or chocolates for me
But you have opened your heart and soul to me

You have made yourself known to me; all inhibitions barred
Every secret of yours with me you have shared

If this is not love than what is
For any flowers or gifts, this love I wouldn't miss!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mind Ripples

In our regular course of life, some lucky ones amongst us have a sudden realisation that hits us and we wonder and take account of our current situation, our job, our relationships. For most of us, it is a break-out call. An uneasiness that can't be explained. A distraction that doesn't let you do anything with peace. Something that keeps pulling your attention from your mundane life. That, my dear friends is what you can call 'calling in you life.'
We manage to keep the waters of our mind very still and don't like anything stir and disturb it. When our passion or calling in life surfaces, ripples get created over our otherwise still demeanor and we get uneasy. What we fail to realise is that it is the slow emerging of something deep under us.
Most of us get so restless with these ripples that instead of letting life take its course, we freeze ourselves in the current situations. Our calling and passion is then not able to break through the ice of our mind. Only if we let the ripples pass, will what has been creating unrest within our mind will surface and stand out giving you the identity that other lack.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The colour of happiness is not green

Whenever I am travelling by road, I get swept by the swarm of yellow & red lights which I get to over look from the flyovers, while my brother rides his Karizma at a speed of 100-120 kmph. As a thinker as I am, this thought dawns upon me. We can draw a metaphor from almost everything in life. The never ending traffic that day fathomed upon me yet another paradox of life through its metaphor.

The drivers, including all the traffic on the road, including my brother, usually are caught with overtaking the vehicles ahead of them. Even if they are going at a speed of 60, the vehicles behind want to overtake. Have you ever noticed these tendencies? Especially with the youth.

This attitude no longer remains curtailed to the road, it gets imbibed in their real life as well. Everybody wants to be better than everybody else. You want to overtake the vehicle riding ahead of you. It is like a bench mark to you. But once you get there, you will again see an ocean of never ending traffic ahead of you. There are always better people, people happier in other aspects, than the one you just outdid.

Most of us, in trying to overtake others, concentrate so much on the objects ahead of us that we slowly even tend to lose sight of the people present in our cars & lives, people as close to us as the ones on the pillion seat, our family. All our efforts are on the gears and accelerators of power and money to win or outrun others. It is a race that we have self involved ourselves in, where the one you are competing doesn’t know that he is your competitor – and that is the person you are trying to win over, who doesn’t even know about your presence, and at what cost.

Too often in this never ending self inflicted race, we miss out on the laughs and smiles of those with us; rather their petty humour is almost annoying to us. Our tanks are full but heart is empty. The streets are lit, but our souls are dark.

We keep travelling our whole life, but with the attitude that we are driving, we won’t reach anywhere, because we are not on a journey, we are in a blind race where we can only see the person ahead of us. Ahead in terms of money, fame, love, power, health, beauty, peace, joy, God and an endless number of things.

What we don’t realize is that we will never come across anyone who is endowed with everything. And in the tryst to overtake the one who has everything in this world, we will just end up overtaking the whole world, but never get anywhere.

Then there are some people, the few lucky and blessed ones who always carry their finishing lines behind them. The vehicle ahead of them is not actually ahead of them, but far behind. They are always ahead of the whole human race – happy with where they are and how they are.

They are the ones who don’t even need a fancy car, or for that matter even a car. They will be having the best time walking on their feet, close to nature, appreciating the company of their fellow travelers. They are not even walking towards a destination. Their destination lies in their journey.

You can’t sow the seeds of an apple and hope to harvest mangoes. Similarly the input of money, power and fame won’t give you the output of love, peace and joy. You have to lose yourself. Don’t benchmark success for yourself on the basis of what others have achieved for themselves.

We are just aware of the beauty of the show piece in the middle of their hall. The price attached to it is so high sometimes that they don’t pay it only from their pockets, but also empty the joys and happiness from their lives. What’s in racing against such people? And what use are those things for which there is no value, but for which we have lost all that was valuable.

All I am trying to say is that life is too short to mimic the lives of others and try to reach where they are. More often than not, the roses that attracted you to their gardens will wilt by the time you reach there. Life is to live, not to strive. No one is happy till the time they are measuring their happiness on parameters. To be happy, you need to stop thinking if you are, and you will be.

You will be happy looking at the sunshine. You will be happy that you have nowhere to reach, but everywhere to go. Be happy that you don’t have so much money that people will manipulate love to be with you. They love you for what you are.

Be happy that the colour of happiness is not green!